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    Let me expand a little on my previous post.

    It seems to me that it is reasonable to hold that there may be more than one legitimate interpretation of philosophy, theology, scripture, religion, government and worship within the encompassing framework of 'Christian'. So that, for example, a double-predestinarian Calvinist and a hardcore Arminian can both validly claim that their theological opinion has been derived by scripture, in the light of reason and with some continuity with the church tradition. And as such a broad church should allow for both within it.

    Yet, although I think it a good way to allow such latitude, and indeed part of the Anglican genius to foster and allow such a diversity of theological opinion (whilst also claiming the ultimate authority of God, Jesus, and the bible, in the framework of the ecumenical creeds and established tradition), it does seem to be an entirely different thing to allow for radical liberal moral practice.

    For example, whilst all manner of eucharistic theologies can be anchored in scripture and tradition, I really cannot see how affirming gay relationships can be argued for without a clear break from tradition and a somewhat radical hermeneutic. I moral areas, I find that very troubling.
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    1. I am solidly Reformed (Calvinist). I know there are Reformed Anglicans out there but they are difficult to find.

    2. I have a hard time accepting the episcopal system of government over a presbyterian one.