What do you think of the Topical Prayers pages on the C of E's website?

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    Link for convenience: https://www.churchofengland.org/prayer-and-worship/topical-prayers

    I know, 1662 it ain't. But I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the quality, the content, and the underlying theology of the prayers contained on these pages, particularly the ones of a more personal nature (life events, difficult times, &c.).

    If all they need is a good forsoothifying, great.
    If they could be improved, how? If they're schlock (or theologically unsound) and there are better prayers than these out there, where are they?
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    I have no issue with topical prayers, as such. The Australian Books of the last 50 years have had a variety of arritional prayers and collects.

    I am a bit surprised that this one did not make it to the list, however.

    For Creation
    As the morning mist shrouds the river
    and then is lifted by the gentle rays of the rising son,
    so may our clouded spirits be raised by the warmth of your love.
    Make us always mindful of your creation its fragility and its beauty.
    Teach us to cherish it for those who come after
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    The Most Rev’d David Chillingwoth
    Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

    1662 manages a depth and profound bredth in the nature of its prayers that is part of our unique heritage, however it is there to liberate us in prayer, not to constrain or imprison us. There is no competition between 1662 and any other liturgy, mearly different approaches in helping people lift up the hearts.
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    I find them rather saccharine and none of the ones I read seem to acknowledge that we are sinners and whatever we ask God for we do so unworthily. I would prefer them to be a bit more than, "have a nice day y'all now".
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