What are you currently reading?

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    I am currently reading The Catholic Doctrine of the Church of England by Thomas Rogers
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    New Zealand
    I know it's all off topic etc but I couldn't resist telling you how British politics and diplomacy works, from the two books I am reading.

    It's 4:40 pm and it's someone's task to get a photo of Teresa May signing Article 50 to leave the E.U. to put into the evening papers. Time must be getting tight to get it into the papers, but then the really important discussions occur- will we sign it with a black pen or blue pen. Just get a pen and sign the F***ing document says the photo op person. They eventually decide on a black pen as that's apparently the colour you use for official documents, but before it's signed someone says "what will we do with the pen afterward?" The book doesn't say how that conversation went.
    Eventually May signs the document and it's then that they all realise no one had thought of how to get the damn document to Brussels. They didn't want to send it with a high profile person for security reasons so they eventually sent it with a low level civil servant on a commercial flight.

    About 40 British diplomats and politician are in high level EU negotiations with 40 odd EU negotiators. The talks go on for longer than expected but the British get their priorities right and arrange for updates on the test match to be smuggled in in diplomatic bags.
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