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    I read the blog post. He is a well-meaning but uninformed evangelical who has not been formally trained. His presentation is chock-full of speculation, as well as outright errors. For example, we do not have 5,000 ancient Greek New Testaments just lying around in museums all over the world. We have copies of individual books and letters, but mostly fragments. The very concept of putting all those books together into a single volume is a modern invention. It is still considered something of a novelty in the Orthodox world…remind me again who was doing all the copying of these Greek texts?

    Cyprian probably did not quote the Comma: Cyprian wrote in the 3rd century but I am not aware of any manuscripts of Cyprian that contain the Comma that date prior to the 5th century. The first time the Comma shows up as part of the actual text of 1 John itself is in the writings of the Gnostic heretic Priscillian. A lot is made of when this or that author lived but not nearly enough attention is given to the age of the manuscripts of their writings. In some cases, the lapse of time is centuries.

    I could go on. I didn’t find the presentation persuasive.
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