The gifts of God : the Heart ;The law, salvation by faith and love.

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    What is the law in the heart what was the first thing God put originally heart ? Why the hear is where the mind is in ancient times, but also is where love is ? What verses show the what things in the heart of men and women that show God's plan and how Jesus says by loving thy neighbor you complete the law ?
    Psalm 40:8 "I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” How the will of God is done by the law and heart of man and women ! And what is that will and becomes the plan of God !

    More as we start since the beggining !!!

    The first laws God gave in the heart

    1:26-31 God told man and women they will rule over the earth

    2:22-23 Why women and men are one flesh part of the law of why women are made together. Why the man leaves and becomes one flesh with his wife.

    See other parts of Genesis say Adam was in the garden tow ork in the gardena dn taek care of it, Man names the animals, and they were to multiply in the garden.

    As we see this verses they give the first laws God put in men and women that they rule over the planet together.

    Afterwards man fell and became sinful, wonder the wasteland and still they remember the law God gave them but as time pass by the new generation came. The why the law was told was thru bed time stories as each generation passes the story of garden of Eden, till the noah who was righteous. The flood came and what was known in Eden was lost. Came Abraham and Moses back then the Noahide laws existed before the law of moshes but no stone tablets. They were simple 7 laws the same manner as the 10 commandments

    They lived witht hose laws but then people forget them so it was needed to put A law that was firmed and in stone tablets. Moses law came and put order but what happen with the law of moses ? As time pass by people let thier hearts become stone and the law lost it's purpose.

    Jeremiah 31:33,Ezekiel 36:26-27

    This verses show the heart becoming stone back in those days, The law will be in conflict and sometimes someone who was accused falsely could end up in jail, know that the law clashes with itself and hebrew people will make mistakes contradicting in completing the law, and will make people who will obey the law cannot because of how people will be too strict and prohibit people between themselves from completing the law. The law become chains for israelites, it became A wall for them tor reach Jesus

    , and lost the reason from the beggining the law was to help and protect Isralietes from sin but soon sin was to do bad and help others the law doing good was punished contradicting everyone ins Israel. The law was meant to make israelites recieve the messiah and do the things he was gonna do but thier hearts became stone and did not let the law complete itself neither let thier companions complete the law either they all became obstacles between each other and walls they could not fulfill the law.

    The law is to await the messiah and prepare the Isralites of Jesus coming what happen the israelites became hard and tough on the law. In A world where the strong rule the world, at point of A sword you get things, and eye for an eye. Israel reject the messiah prefering the law while Jesus explained how to fulfil the law with 2 commandments

    Matthew 5:17-20, Matthew 22:37–40

    This verses show how the law can be completed with 2 commanments. Is that all ? know that is why the law was written you heart and you have the law but still does not mean your complete because the law of Eden and the law of Moses could not be completed until Jesus completed everything thur his sacrifice.

    What then the comanments have been completed ? The first thing is to understand did God issue commandments before the 10 laws of moses ? Yes you can see at Genesis 6:5 "love thy god with all your heart and soul " See that before the law God told men to keep his comamndments and what Jesus said centruies later to remind them of that to love God with all your heart ? Yes, that is why the commandments aren't tablets, they are the word of God. If God usher his words are they commandments. Then do they contradict the law ? Do they turn one law against each other ? NO, everything abides he law when one thing you do it with love, that is the most important things.

    People can say contradictions exist but we must see things from God's point of view and he lets us see it only if have love like Jesus. Then we see in the old testament he says his words are his commandments and what he says of his mouth becomes thy commandments.
    Exodus 20:1-17

    in Exodus begins that this are his words He brought israel out of Egypt and they shall have no other God besides him. You see he starts that his word are those commandments. Brings us people if his commandments are those when he does usher the law when he is not ushering and telling the prophets what to do are those laws the same as the ten commandments ? Know people " The Word Of GOd " is his commandments and what he says are law the same as the 10 commandments people will bring contradictions but his word is law and all the time God's commandments are treated like law.

    This is why we must learn that our efforts witht he law of Moses and Noah's law cannot be fulfill if Jesus could not arrive. For only then when Jesus says " It is Done " and is ressurected do the law served as the staris that guided men and women to Jesus. For Jesus brought Love to complete the law. You can have faith and dscipline in your worhsip to God but just like Corinthians says 1 Corinthians 13:2 with out love it is incomplete.

    Therefore Leviticus 19:17 " Love thy neighbor " and Genesis 6:5 " Love Thy God " is what you need to fulfill them ? The one's in the garden, the on'es in noah times, and the one's in Moses time ? Yes.

    God had it plan Love will complete it, do we have God's love ? Know that this is the most important part of it that the law of God that he has written in our heart is useless if we use our own efforts ? we use God's efforts ? That is why the law cannot be completed before Jesus came to this world as baby and died till he was A man. That is why with your own efforts you are not saved but God wanted it and to do it the law. We must do the will of God.

    Now what is the will of God ? because that is the thing the will sometimes does not do the 10 laws of Moses but does the commandments he usher before the 10 laws and what was in the eart of men are his commandments God said. The law is written in your ehart now you don't need anything you are perfect ebcause men forget the law the heart turns into stone and you need love to keep it into flesh you fall in the same error noahide's law keepers failed.

    The law is commandments what else are his commandments that do not come as law ? The psalms are one of them, know that Jesus before his coming everything that the psalms say, the law, and the prophets said must come true.


    That is why people the psalm is singing and God wanted men and women to sing the psalms to obey him. It is complicated becuase in our day to day life singing in the streets to worship God seems awkard and point for people to make fun of you. Makes uncomfortablebut he wants us to sing all the time. Know people this is the secret of what the hebrew people say that our sole purpose in life is that we sing and singing is th secret of the bible. Man and women were not emant for this world to build skyscrapers, go to war with rifles and guns, or make cinema or entertainment but to sing and worship in the garden is our purpose.

    Perhaps some of you do not understand that know that for example what do people do in heaven ? They sing kadosh kadosh kadosh Elohim Tsevaot, meaning holy,holy,holy God is . That is all, is that what were meant for ? For some it is pointless to be in one place and worship Holy, Holy, holy all day and night. But that is if you stand in front of the creator of it all and sing to him. That is what you are made for, that was what Eden was all about people God wanted the garden to be like heaven but the fall of men happen and it gone that opportunity instead Jesus came to give it back to us.

    Our purpose is like this fish swim and birds fly nothing else even though we can build, go to war, and use math. God never wanted us to do that instead he wanted one thing to replicate what beings and angels do in heaven sing all day and praise the lord. That is our sole purpose peolple who forgot the law like those who use Noahide law forget that and forgot our purpose in the Eden is the same in heaven singing all day. We cannot do that because people consider that wierd no people just like God wanted it that way people can go out and preach the word and sing to God all day long it is our purpose.

    Because people we see the law of moses are his comamdments, we see psalms are his commandments, and what the prophets were told by God are his commandments and they lead to Jesus his second coming into this world.

    And for him to come to this world the law must be fulfill into our daily lives with love. sing the psalms in our lives to one another like ephesians 5:19 says, and listen to prophets of Jesus coming. yes people we must worship him constantly.

    But still here is A big secret to do that you must have the heart right and remember the laws of Genesis, the laws of moses, put things in God's hands, and other things. I will put the second post to talk about that. Tell me what commandments did God told in the psalms ?