Reformed Episcopal?

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    Here is the book I was talking of.

    Well for instance there was a much wider interpretation of Reformed Theology until the Synod of Dort. That kinda codified things. The Reformed view was more free wheeling until then.
    To a large extent I agree with that. But its also not quite the same as saying that Dort or later codifications either a) have no grounding in Calvin's thought or b) are alien to Anglican theology

    Yes but my point is that what Calvin taught is a good bit different than what we now know as "Calvinism" It is the same school of thought but still in there. Bueller and Zwingelli were also in that school who were major early influences.

    As for move further and further away I mean that Reformed thought eventually became less and less prevalent in the church. Early in the Church's history yes many if not most leaned reformed. Now it appears that there has a been a switch and most no longer lean reformed but somewhere closer towards Lutherans if not out right Catholicism.