Now online: Thomas Bilson, Perpetual Government of Christ's Church (1593)

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    • Thomas Bilson, The Perpetual Government of Christ's Church (1593).

    "... Unquestionably one of the most incredible products in the Elizabethan reign, is Thomas Bilson’s colossal The Perpetual Government of Christ's Church (1593). This magisterial work engages closely with the anti-episcopal polemic, most especially from Theodore Beza and his English followers who taught that preserving episcopacy was unimportant to the work of the Gospel. The aim of Bilson’s work was nothing less than one comprehensive colossal theology of the Church as God had once established it for all time, from Creation to Redemption. He traced its triple division of ministers, in modern times called bishops, priests, and deacons, back into the Old Testament and beyond, showing it as a single God’s plan for man’s redemption."

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