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    I'm a worship leader and also a song-writer, looking forward to the Easter services in 2016. I'm struck by the poor selection of well-known Easter hymns and, particularly, by the lack of hymns that tell the story of Jesus reappearing.
    I've written a hymn to use and I thought I would share it on this forum. It can be sung to the hymn tune 'Regents Square', which gives it the correct emphasis at all of the right points.
    Please feel free to use this, if you like it, and let me know how you got on with it.

    Easter Anthem (From His Broken body Risen) Tune: Regents Square

    From his broken body risen, Christ has overcome the grave

    All our sins in him forgiven, humankind he came to save

    Once in darkness, now victorious

    As for us his life he gave

    Mary to the garden going, found the tomb completely bare

    Heard her name called and, unknowing, turned to Jesus standing there

    Her Rabboni, spoke to Mary

    Such important news to share!

    Twelve disciples, lost and grieving, locked within a darkened room

    Fearful, only half-believing he had risen from the tomb

    Then they saw him, could adore him

    Jesus Christ cast out their gloom

    One who had not seen the Saviour, doubting what his brothers said

    Had to feel the wounds of Jesus, or he would believe him dead

    Thomas did this, now he knew his

    Lord and God is what he said

    Sinners who would follow Jesus though we had him crucified

    See him take his place in Heaven, seated at his Father’s side

    Christ, immortal, lives eternal

    Son of God, now glorified
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    Thank you very much, excellent words strong tune.

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