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    My favourites however are the final hymnal produced by the Augustana Synod, of which my great uncle and godfather Eugene was a priest, and the 1959 Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal, which I believe he likely used in the latter years of his career; not just for sentimental reasons, but for their content, which is excellent. In particular, the 1959 book was the first American Lutheran hymnal to introduce the Litany of Peace from the Byzantine divine liturgy,

    I grew up on the Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal, I think it's still in use somewhere and might still be published by Augsburg Fortress. Really a great service book. The green Service book and Hymnal, which was an attempt to have a unified Lutheran service hymnal for all the synods wasn't to bad either. I've only seen the new ELCA Hymnal, never heard it or used it. For a review of it see.:

    The pastor who wrote it seems to have several good points. When I do attend Lutheran Churchs, I prefer either the older Red service book (service book and hymnal, or the green on published in 1976. The Lutheran churck I occasionally attend now bases its service on "Re-Claim" service book by Solo Publishing

    If anybody has seen/used, etc the Re-claim material, I'd appreciate some thoughts on it.
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    Sounds like the way they butchered the Litany.

    However, I can’t object to five communion rites, unless the synaxis is diferent; the Syriac Orthodox Church has 86.

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