Forums update 1.3

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    Forums update 1.3.

    While most of the changes this time were under the hood, here are several user-facing improvements:

    1. Smileys

    Smileys have now come into their own. Hundreds of smileys have been added, and they are all accessible from your handy editor toolbar:

    2. Spoilers

    You can now surround text with the [ SPOILER ] tags in order to prevent it from being seen unless opened, like so:
    Congratulations, you have opened the spoiler.

    Spoilers can also be given a title such as [ SPOILER="secret" ], like so:
    This is a secret.

    3. Editor toolbar updated

    The editor toolbar has experienced a minor update. Several less-oft used buttons are now grouped under one Insert menu. The spoiler can be found among them. The "Remove Formatting" button is now on the right.

    4. Optimizations

    There has been yet another spate of optimizations, which should make pages feel just a tad more snappy than before.