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    "Madam, ask your own heart if there be no discontent, or secular by end, that has brought you unto this staggering.....Tis a poor thing Madam and unworthy of the candour not only of a Christian , but of any person that pretends to honour , to resolve first to leave us without so much as consulting with our priests and then to pretend to admit of discourse only to take occasion to deride it, as if so goodly a victory were the most meritorious entrance in to a religion that commands simplicity..... Cut no feathers with God, Madam, lest you cut more than your fingers.....The Christian Religion was not made to serve turns and therefore stay where I left you, Madam and remember what I told you at first that it would trouble you on your deathbed to have left a Church that gave you Christ's whole institution, to embrace another that will rob you."

    Written . by Dean Steward to Lady Kynalmeaky a relative of Buckingham's , when she was considering joining Rome, under pressure of starvation after the death of Charles I.
    To my mind, this is a marvellous instance of the Catholicity of the English Clergy at a time of pressure from Protestantism/Calvinism in the later Reformation, when the Church was disintegrating under the application of force.
    A decisive relationship of priest and communicant maybe, but also what a marvellous confidence in the Catholicity of the Church ,our Church, by Dean Steward, in times of pressure.
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    Sir Thomas Browne. (1605–1682). Religio Medici.