Eastern Orthodoxy vs Anglican

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    By the way, you know I never renounced my Episcopal Church membership. Indeed I continued regularly attending even after joining an Eastern church until my friend Fr. Steve retired. I hope to figure out a way to leverage this membership to improve things in that church.

    I also like the idea, if it is possible, of ACNA members retaining their TEC membership. The remaining traditional parishes could secretly invite known reliable members to join a traditional Anglican church, and arrange for it to meet elsewhere on Sunday evenings, for the Eucharist and Choral Evensong, while transitioning primarily to Morning Prayer at the TEC parish and doing things as traditionally as possible. And using the same method in reverse, Episcopal parishes could be taken over. For example, if the members of the traditional Anglican churches in several cities wanted to, they could easily take over one of the dying Episcopal parishes and assume control of the vestry.
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