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    The Prayer Book is almost minimalistic in terms of ceremonial rubrics: hymns are ordered at very few places, there is only one manual action dictated in the Communion liturgy, &c.

    And yet, variety is one of Anglicanism's great treasures. Worship in a cathedral can be glorious, with chant, gorgeous ceremonial, and everything a diocese has to offer, while a military chapel can hold services that are as short and simple as they need to be, with minimal vestments (would chaplains wear a surplice or a stole over their uniforms?) and the "Order of Worship" from the military prayer books. Parishes can use metrical Psalms, surplices, chasubles, or whatever else is traditional in the place.

    Books like the Parson's Handbook and the Ritual Notes are for how to dress up a BCP service in a pre-Reformation or Tridentine style, respectively, but are there any other sources or descriptions of what actual, real-life parishes did on Sunday morning (PHB and RN being mostly theoretical)? Did people swap out the Te Deum for a hymn every once in a while? Who really likes spoken Psalms instead of metrical singing or chant? When do you hold a "mission service," and what goes into one?
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    I was given a book by Bishop Larry Johnson of Front Royal, Virginia that proposed to describe what "Virginia low" churchmanship looked like. The printing quality was so horrendous that most of the book was unreadable. So I don't know how effectively he addressed the topic.

    Peter Robinson, presiding bishop of the UECNA, blogs on liturgical practice at his olde high-church blog from time to time.