Christians and Acceptability Of US Political Liberalism

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    Yes, the words "general welfare" are indeed from the Constitution. However, James Madison thought that those words should be removed because of the way they could be interpreted in the future. Even Alexander Hamilton saw the potential danger for those who would misinterpret those words! I could give your sources that validate this, but, IMO, I don't think you're interested in reading them.

    You can argue at how great those government programs are until you are blue in the face, that is your right, however, you will not find support for them amongst the founding fathers or in the Constitution. Also, yes, they are here to long as we can afford them. Nor will you find support for the illegal Democrat and Republican wars. Nor will you find support for having troops in over 160 countries.

    Never said Ayn Rand should be put in charge of our government nor have I advocated that all her ideas would work.

    The book "Libertarianism: A Primer" is not a political tract, but a University level and used introduction to the political philosophy.

    Again, think what you want, but I think i've given ample examples as to how Repubs and Dems are much more alike, rather than different. It was hard to break off the establishment party propaganda, but more and more people are doing it everyday. People tend to vote and take part in general elections less and less with almost every election cycle, most people are awakened to the establishment party charade and they choose not to participate. If most people choose not to participate in the election process, what "consensus" can either party claim to have?

    You can choose to marginalize guys like Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party and the libertarians that are in both the Republican and Democratic parties, however, that will not change the fact that America is becoming more libertarian by the day. Trust in government has collapsed in America and abroad and most Americans believe in repealling regulations that stifle business growth.

    You can choose to ignore these trends and findings or even pretend like they don't exist, but the facts are there for all to see. We are moving in a libertarian direction whether the big corporations or establishment parties and media like it or not. The American people will demand that the two establishment parties change or they will become even more irrelevant in the eyes of the average American. The real question is, will the two major parties become irrelevant or will they choose to listen to the citizens they claim to represent?