Can laymen say the office of Visitation of the Sick? How much?

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    Oh I am not anywhere near as unbelieving that we could indeed eventually sing from the same hymn-sheet on this matter of rule imposition or dependancy.
    Neither do I, I did it most of the time when in the armed forces. The RN expected it of me.
    There, we are in agreement on two points already.
    And I don't think that untrained, unauthorised people should be doing the work of trained medics, surgeons, GPs, midwives, police officers etc. Clergy are trained to do certain responsible jobs properly and those jobs should not therefore be attempted by any untrained Tom, Dick or Harriet.
    And I think it very dangerous when a person thinks they cannot ignore the rules when the Holy Spirit is telling them they must.
    Our only difficulty in finding agreement on this one is whether the individual actually IS being told they must by The Holy Spirit. If one, like any atheist , starts from the supposition that the Holy Spirit never speaks to Christ's servants on earth, then you would be right to suppose it could never happen, so utter unquestioning obedience to rules would solve the problem, but it is not good enough to say the Holy Spirit would never tell anyone to break any man made rules. Even if they have been made by a Denomination of the church. There may have been many occasions when the visible church on earth persecuted Christ's servants precisely for being obedient to The Holy Spirit. John Bunyan may even have been one of them.
    The Church of England is perfectly at liberty to change its rules as and when it sees fit, because, unlike the Roman Catholic Denomination it has never claimed infallibility in making them or (except historically in more deplorable times, most of us hoping remaining firmly in the past), enforcing them.
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