Anglicanism and Dispensationalism

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    I did more research on the whole Messanic and ya that sounds like a complete rejection of Christ

    In the apostle life time they stopped being kosher, moved the sabbath to sunday and pretty much believed that outer trappings of the law was made void by Christ. That his work fulfilled those outer laws and what matter is in the believers heart. The inner law.

    So adding anything back in that the apostle took out is a form of judaizing, which was an early heresy of the church. Adding such things like a modern pass over meal ( which is wildly different than the one practiced in second temple Judaism) would be a very odd issue with the historical development with Judaism and in many ways a denial of the true pass over, the pass over of Christ.

    I know I am just a nut job on the internet, but do some research of the early history of the church and it's rule with Judaism. We should always reflect back on the history of the church and it's early development for us to get a fuller view of Christianity.
    I am not even saying the way me, an anglo catholic, worships is the same as they did. I know thou my roots of my worship is there. I would say with a hundred percent certainty my beliefs are there, some might not of have been fully developed but the roots are there. By the 3rd and 4th century you can see something that almost mirrors Anglicanism.

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