Why are there pagan gods on the Filarete Door of St. Peter's Basilica?

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    I found this on a trad Catholic forum, and it's pretty incredible... While the whole world is shocked by the Pope and Cardinals venerating the Amazonian idols called the "pachamamas"

    (more info here)

    A much better question to be asked is, why there are pagan gods on the Filarete Door of St. Peter's Basilica?



    Dioonysus and dolphins, Cadmus and dragon, Hermes, Juno ... 700 years before Pachamamas! Traditional Catholics were cheered when an anonymous activist grabbed the pagan Pachamamas from a Vatican church and threw them into the river (more info here)

    So, why aren't so-called "Traditional Catholics" clamouring to dump these images into the Tiber?

    Here is Leda being raped by Zeus:

    Leda-Filarete-Puertas San Pedro Roma-1433.jpg

    We Christians did not die as martyrs in the coliseum, and refused to give a pinch of incense to the Roman gods, only for the Pontiffs to promote idols... It seems we were right 500 years ago in pointing out idolatry at the very heart of the Roman church
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