TRURO, VA: Anglican Rector Resigns amidst Allegations, flees to Rome [VirtueOnline]

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    TRURO, VA: Anglican Rector Resigns amidst Allegations, flees to Rome


    The Rev. Dr. Tory Baucum, rector of Truro Anglican Church since 2007 has resigned, renouncing his orders in the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). He will be received into the Roman Catholic Church in 2020.

    A fact-finding investigation will examine a number of grievances alleged in the treatment of Truro staff and congregants by Baucum.

    "In the 'me-too' environment we find ourselves in, we want to be clear that none of the grievances alleged are sexual in nature. The grievances presented include numerous and broad complaints from staff about workplace mistreatment, and questionable treatment of congregants," said a church spokesman.

    None of the issues had to do with money, said the spokesman. The grievances were presented the week before Baucum's resignation. The events described in these statements happened over a very short period of time and over the Thanksgiving holiday period.

    Bishop John Guernsey acknowledged receipt of a letter via email, with a copy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, from Tory Baucum on November 29, 2019 entitled "Renunciation of Ordained Ministry in DOMA and ACNA". Baucum will transition to Catholic Lay Ministry.

    Baucum has had a long, highly checkered ecclesiastical career.

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