The Divine Fantasista: A South American Legend

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    The Divine Fantasista: A South American Legend
    (by yours truly)

    This is an ancient account loved by Catholics, but hated by Protestants.

    There was a monk on the verge of sainthood, who took sacraments, did penance, and everything else necessary in the life of a Catholic to receive grace. However, there was one particular sin he had done in his past that left God so enraged, that he struggled to attain enough virtue to dispel his anger. Already tired and exhausted of his patience, God was about done with this monk, and plotted to give him over to the devil.

    "I have enough saints. This one made a vow to me years ago to get him out of a rough spot in exchange for an outpouring of grace, but he has never lived up to my expectations since then. I mine as well let the devil have his day!"
    Burdened with guilt, this monk cried out to the blessed Mother Mary, for it is through her that they ask for intercession, because accordingly, "Her son may not violate the commandment which says: Honor thy father and thy mother." The Blessed Virgin heard this, and she hurried to meet with the Father and her Son. Pleading for their mercy, they obliged, and left the monk to his own devices to finish what he started.

    During this time, it should be noted that, besides the One, Holy and Apostolic Catholic Faith, there is another religious creed which can challenge the claim that Latin America is truly Roman Catholic in all her ways. Futbol, known among the North Americans as 'soccer', was close to being the dominant faith of the entire country. The devil wanted to do everything he could to get this monk from reaching sainthood.
    Unfortunately, despite his basking in grace, this season was to be followed by one of the largest soccer matches ever to be held in South America. The devil heard the hype and commotion that this was receiving, and gladly bought tickets to the game. He showed these to Mary. Although she hesitated for a moment, the Blessed Mother was overcome with delight as she imagined being able to pitch the opening move at the upcoming game. Hastily, she snatched the tickets away from the devil's hands, and faithfully attended the game that season, being one of the greatest ever played.

    The monk didn't have it so well. With the Holy Mother no longer presiding against her Son, the devil finally got his wish and I need not tell the rest of the tale.

    This is an example of the syncretism of domestic folklore and religious belief. Mary is not only the Queen of Heaven, but the Divine Fantasista, and along with her Son, one of the biggest futbol fans to ever grace creation. In this sense, she is truly Latin American, and so is the Son, and the Father as well.

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