The Diaconate?

Discussion in 'Questions?' started by SingingPilgrim, Nov 9, 2018.

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    I joined this forum primarily as a way to talk in discernment. I think I may be being called to be a vocational deaconness. It's a long story but I am an American living in India. I am an Anglican but due both to geography and marriage am currently attending a non-denominational church. Whatever I am being called to is definitely within the Anglican tradition, and my husband and I are talking about this and basically he agrees that if I am truly being called to this vocation by God we'll be in Anglican churches in the future, but right now we are where we are. We do not plan on living here forever but nor do we have a timeline for moving away. Right now I have small children anyway (4 and 1) so I am thinking God's giving me time and space to pray and discern before action if that makes sense.

    Basically this leaves me without a rector or diocese resources to discuss this with, hence coming online. I'd happily discuss details with anyone one on one but it feels too sacred to talk about to the forum at large, you know? So, any deacons or if not, anyone want to talk to me and help me work out this? Hoping God sends someone(s).

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