Talking Circles?

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    Arrived today

    You will have received the email dated 30 May regarding the proposed motion to include Talking Circles in the Synod Program. If the motion is passed, the Talking Circles will take place on Saturday 25 June from 2.00 – 3.30pm (post lunch until afternoon tea).

    Please now find below information on your group allocation. Please be assured that attendance at Talking Circles is voluntary.

    Groups will have approximately 20 participants with one group leader to facilitate the conversation.

    The discussion topic will be –

    Enabling Flourishing Faith Communities (engaging with Diocesan Mission Statement)
    - What do you appreciate about being part of your faith community?
    - What does a flourishing faith community look like to you?
    - What would enhance the flourishing of your faith community?
    What do think of talking circles? Are they worth it?
    Do you have any thoughts on this topic?