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    I'd like to know what everyone remembers of their youth in their church. What Sunday School was like, if you went on retreats frequently, that sort of thing.

    When I was an "episcopalian" (my mother recently informed me that we were "still Catholic" and just went to the Episcopal church for awhile), I think we had a retreat every year. Once we went to a campground and stayed in a cabin. All I really remember from that trip is that we made communion bread and spent some time in the chapel. Another time we went to a college town and stayed in one of the dorms that was being renovated. All I remember from that trip is that we drove around in a bus, ice cream was offered at every meal, and I got a book on how to draw with chalk :laugh:

    As for Sunday school, we often had class in a loft above the kitchen in the education building. One time we went to the gas station across the street and got to pick out something to drink, but usually the teacher let me drink coffee (which I mixed with chocolate syrup, because that's what kids do).

    Hopefully others can remember more than the "fun things".
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    It seems amazing to me how many ex-Episcopalians have fond memories in the grand old church of their youth, and their parents.

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