Study: Millennials Turned Off by Trendy Church Buildings, Prefer Classic Sanctuary [ChristianPost]

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    Study Shows Millennials Turned Off by Trendy Church Buildings, Prefer a Classic Sanctuary

    Stain glass windows located at Hope Presbyterian Church of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    By Stephanie Samuel, Christian Post Reporter
    November 14, 2014 | 7:14 am

    Millennials gravitate toward classic, quiet church spaces that feel authentic and provide a break from the busyness of a fast-paced, technological world, revealed a study commissioned by church architectural firms.

    Online surveys administered to 843 young adults ages 18 to 29 by Christian research firm Barna Group and Cornerstone Knowledge Network, the market research organization created by church design firms Aspen Group and Cogun, found 67 percent chose the word "classic" to describe their ideal church. By contrast, 33 percent prefer a trendy church as their ideal.

    "They don't want something created artificially for them; they don't want a bait and switch. What they want is something deeper and more authentic," Aspen Group AIA Architect Derek Degroot said of the survey results.

    That search for authenticity translates into the look and sound Millennials prefer for their ideal church.

    When asked to choose their preference between a church sanctuary and a church auditorium, 77 percent chose sanctuary. When shown four different kinds of church windows ranging from modern and least "churchy" to traditionally ornate, over a third of all respondents chose the most ornate stain glass window common to chapels. When shown four styles of church altars, the study showed that a majority of respondents chose altars that "are unambiguously Christian and are more traditional."

    "Millennials are a very visual group," explained Barna Vice President of Publishing Roxanne Stone. "If they go into your church and they don't know where to go or it's ambiguous or they don't understand what something is for, they will move on."

    Additionally, 78 percent of millennial respondents selected a quiet church as the ideal over a loud church.

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    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.