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    I want to ask if anybody on this forum is familiar with the Benedictine community at

    St. Gregory’s Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan, USA. If you are and you know the answers to the following, I would be grateful.

    What form of the Mass do they use? Do they use the ‘Book of Common Prayer’ (1979) of the Episcopal Church [in the United States of America] (TEC)? An earlier edition of the ‘Book of Common Prayer’ of the TEC (I don’t even know if that’s a legitimate option in the TEC)? Do they use the ‘Roman Missal’? Do they use another Eucharistic liturgy?

    Linked to my previous paragraph what form of the Divine Office do they use? Perhaps they have their own. If they do what is it based on? Do they follow the TEC ‘Book of Common Prayer’, the Brevarium Monasticum, which is still official for Benedictines, or do they use the Thesaurus Liturgiæ Horarum Monasticæ? Perhaps, they use another office.

    Where would you describe them in terms of churchmanship? Are they conservatives or liberals? Are they Anglo-Catholic or more middle of the road?

    Finally, what is their position on women clergy? Do they agree with women’s ordination or do they think it is wrong? Would they allow a female bishop or priest visiting their abbey to celebrate Mass?