Singing Morning Prayer

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    I was wondering if anyone who is knowledgable in music could help me with Morning Prayer, specifically out of the Hymnal 1982. I know there are a lot of great resources out there to help one sing the Daily Office, but I can't seem to find information on a minor point.

    How does one sing the antiphons with the Invitatory Psalm 95 or 100? I know that in the Hymnal1982 , S34 says that antiphons are sung with this setting, but how is one supposed to sing the antiphon? The Hymnal doesn't list any music for them (they are given with specific canticles.) I assume one can sing monotone, but is there a proper musical setting one can use for these? For the anglican chant tones, does the antiphon just use the same tone or is it different?

    Also, can I use any of the anglican chant tones (for exampleS36-S40) for any psalms? They don't have any suggested tones to sing the psalms in H1982.

    I guess my main question is, when there is no music for parts to be sung, what is the expected music to use?
    Thank you!

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