Saints... again!

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    I was talking to a friend this morning and we got to talk a bit about Saints and I suddenly realized how much I joke and I thought UH OH I will never be a saint! But then I thought! Well who said saints were all too sober all the time!
    What do you all think?

    Oh and I remembered a story someone told a story about the Church Father St. Athanasius those sent to pursue him, when they came across him but, not recognizing who he was, asked "Have you seen Athanasius" and his reply, "Yes, and you are not far from him!" they left him to look for him somewhere neat ^.^ (I wonder how he was able to keep from laughing!)

    I guess saints were really fun to be around too... If you have any story like that can you please share? :D
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    Well, I have heard there will be a lot of wine in heaven :D I'm sure we'll keep our sense of humour when in heaven, not sure if we'll be constantly playing practical jokes on each other but you never know ;)

    I would guess having armed men looking to kill you would be a good motivator to keep deadpan :p

    The story of Origen has made me chuckle sometimes. How he made himself a eunuch and then advised his students not to do it, must have been a painful lesson to learn lol.
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    If Episcopalians make it, there will be. :p
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