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    recently I've been watching catholic videos on confession and they say that the priest will not be judgmental but my fear is that Anglican priests that aren't usesed to hearing confession will be judgmental can someone who has been to private confession before tell me what priests are like
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    Catholic priests?

    by and large, none of them have been even slightly judgmental. With the exception of one, they all had kind advice, words of encouragement, and listened to me.

    I did have one bad experience, but maybe the priest was having a bad day. They’re just human after all.
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    I have only ever come across one priest who I found to be judgemental. I chose never to confess to him again.

    I think this will partly depend on how sensitive you are. If the priest is giving you advice then you might take it as him being judgemental. So you would need to carefully weigh up what the priest says and attempt to view his advice in an objective manner.

    Of course, if you use the same priest and you find yourself confessing the same thing don't be too surprised if he tries to address that issue. After all, that is part of the reason for going.

    I would suggest confessing to a priest who hears confessions regularly and who isn't against hearing confessions. You will find the experience better. My first confessor was very good but I also knew he went to confession regularly with a priest-monk. You can't ask your priest if he goes to confession because it's none of your business. However, I think a good confessor will avail himself of confession on a regular basis.
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