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    Hey All! Presbyterian from NC saying hello and greetings to the Anglican brethren!

    I attend a conservative PCA church, but through previous connection with (now) PEARUSA and CANA churches have developed an appreciation for Anglican worship and classical Anglican theology. Most Presbyterians are Baptists who sprinkle, I would consider myself a Prayer Book Presbyterian (Angliterian? Cranmerite Calvinist?)

    Love the 1662 book and (gasp!) appreciate the 1979 book perhaps more than I should as I used it during my Anglican/Episcopalian days and can filter the nonsense. Not as big on the 1928 book as many. I would love to see a good modern English rendering of the 1662 book and think God would use such in a mighty way, but too many are tinkering with the wrong parts of the PB, IMHO. (Think a NKJV 1662 Prayerbook!)

    Husband of one, father of five. God be with you all!
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