Post Your Favorite Anglican Blogs/Websites

Discussion in 'The Commons' started by Sean611, Jun 15, 2012.

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    With this thread, I encourage everyone to post their favorite Anglican blogs or websites. There are many Anglican Blogs that I enjoy reading and, hopefully, there are some posted that I haven't discovered yet

    Here are the ones I enjoy:

    The Conciliar Anglican:

    Catholicity and Covenant:

    Creedal Christian:

    Generous Orthodoxy:

    A Tribe Called Anglican:

    The Byzantine Anglo-Catholic:

    The Curate's Desk:

    Anglican Mainstream:
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    Thanks, Sean. I'm familiar with a few. I'll check them out.

    I like this quote from catholicity and covenant:

    "catholicity and covenant suggests that Anglicanism is no mere pragmatic compromise. Rather, it views Anglicanism as a Communion in which the Catholic tradition and the insights of the Reformation inform and enrich one another - in which the Catholic tradition heeds the Reformation protest, and the Reformation attends to the Catholic tradition."