Now online: the "Middle Catechism" of Alexander Nowell (1572)

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    Everyone, please welcome into the world a major new reprint of Nowell's Catechism, fitted for the 21st century. This work has been a long time coming, and we have been hard at the digital presses for at least the last nine months. I would like to especially thank @anawkwardaardvark and @PotterMcKinney for giving us assistance with the first several pages of the work.

    The full description and announcement is here:

    The book itself is here:
    Alexander Nowell, “Middle Catechism” / “Catechism or the Institution of Christian Religion, to be Learned of all Youth” (1572)


    We hope you enjoy this important work, and I personally look forward to seeing it referenced in discussions to come. Enjoy!