Now online: Lancelot Andrewes Sermon on Justification (1765), History of Lambeth Articles (1710)

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    Now online:
    • Lancelot Andrews, Justification in Christ's Name: A Sermon Preached at Whitehall, 1600 (1765)
    • History of the Lambeth Articles, with Views of Lancelot Andrewes, & John Overall (1710)

    "In Justification in Christ’s Name, Lancelot Andrewes employs astonishing erudition and mastery to teach the necessity and universality of Imputation in Christian Justification. History of Lambeth Articles describes the failed attempt to inject Calvin’s ideas into the Articles of Religion; with criticism by Bishop Andrewes, and the teaching of John Overall on the XVIIth Article of Religion."

    A fuller description is to be found here:

    As usual, if you notice any errors please post in the requisite thread.
    Thank you.
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