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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Phoenix, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Everyone please welcome @Magistos as the newest addition to our moderating team. He has had a lot of experience with running online forums in the past, and should prove an excellent addition in wading off spammers and providing strategic guidance for how to move the forums forward.

    He has already made the Oath of Subscription, which is a big plus.

    What sets @Magistos apart is a lack of interest in polemics, which matches our direction of prioritizing a common Anglican identity over splinters and divisions. God willing, he will not take anyone's side and administer discipline impartially, while helping all of our members find a warm and welcome home here. Please greet our newest moderator!
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    Thank you Phoenix!

    I'm not an a Cradle Anglican, but one who found myself becoming one after much prayer, research, and guidance. In the end I was led to it, rather than fleeing from something. That said, I come from a Southern Baptist background, and I've had my fill of "Battling Baptists" - so finding common identity rather than division is definitely my outlook, and I'm glad it matches the team's direction.

    I'm not perfect, and like any, any call is a judgement call. If I'm wrong, the leadership will tell me, but I hope to avoid that. :) If anyone wants to know my history or experience, I'm happy to share it, but if not, that's great, too. :)

    This is a wonderful group, and a great forum, and I'm intrigued and enthusiastic about the forum updates they are planning.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Congratulations, Magistos!

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