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    Hello my friends.
    I compiled this list, and was wondering if you think it's adequate. Would you remove any, or add any others not listed? Do you believe there should be a cutoff point after a certain century?
    I only included the Fathers who have been canonized and generally recognized as Saints.
    Should Origen and Tertullian be included for study?

    Oh and I listed them chronologically based on the year of their death (which may or may not be accurate for some of the early ones).

    Clement of Rome (99)
    Ignatius of Antioch (108)
    Polycarp of Smyrna (155)
    Justin Martyr (165)
    Irenaeus of Lyons (202)
    Clement of Alexandria (215)
    Cyprian of Carthage (258)
    Hilary of Poitiers (367)
    Athanasius of Alexandria (373)
    Ephrem the Syrian (373)
    Basil of Caesarea (379)
    Gregory of Nazianzus (389)
    Gregory of Nyssa (395)
    Ambrose of Milan (397)
    John Chrysostom (407)
    Jerome (420)
    Augustine of Hippo (430)
    Cyril of Alexandria (444)
    Gregory the Great (604)
    Isidore of Seville (636)
    Maximus the Confessor (662)
    John of Damascus (749)

    There seems to be a sizeable gap in time after Cyril of Alexandria (444)...which causes me to question the final four on the list. But I included them for a sense of completeness :)
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