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    What is Universal Objective Justification? Is it biblical?

    What is the Anglican view on the matter?
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    What absolution offers is not a potential forgiveness, to be actualized in faith. Absolution offers instead a real and accomplished forgiveness in Christ, to be received by faith. If you believe the latter, rather than the former, then you believe in objective justification.

    If we believe in a real presence, it makes sense to also believe in a real and accomplished forgiveness in Christ. Otherwise Christ's atonement has in some way failed for some people. Namely those who have not accepted what is freely offered by suitably responding with personal faith in its objective reality. (see my signature)

    Whether that is the view of everyone in the clergy or the pews of the Anglican Church is obviously unknowable, but the divines and early church father were surprisingly Universalist in the sense that they almost unanimously believed in objective justification, received by faith.

    This is what makes the Anglican attitude towards the deceased, no matter how reprobate they may have proved to be in life, at the very least hopeful of a merciful deliverance into God's hands and therefore it is very rare indeed, (indeed it should be non existent), to hear a hell fire sermon over the corpse at a funeral in the Anglican church.

    Sadly I have heard of examples of this happening at funerals conducted by other denominations and sects, much to the discomfort of the bereaved and scandalous misappropriation of the Gospel of Reconciliation.
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