(Humor) The Wonders of Nunhood

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    I have a story to share. One so beautiful in fact, that it could have easily been the story of Cinderella.

    I once knew a nun who loved to sing and play ring around the rosy with children. She would make her eyebrows bold and sparkly so when she opened her bible, the light emanating from the pages would make them twinkle. She had an enormous love for nursery rhymes and dancing, and often times she carried with her a bag of magic tricks so that whenever she would babysit children, she would use a wand to bring penguins to life from pictures, who would then dance around the kindergarten rooms to entertain children. She has since deceased and become an angel, who occasionally visits her relatives and descendants every now and then. However, before she passed, she founded a local tradition in her rather small town called the Miss Douay-Rheims Pageant, which is similar to the Miss American pageants seen on TV. The point is to see who is the most beautiful and the most Catholic nun. Whoever can give the most beautiful and heartfelt reading of certain passages from the Douay-Rheims, the works of saints, or demonstrate technicality of posture, gets points from the judges that go towards their chance of winning. She also told me that she believed Mary was essentially the first nun, as her ever-virginity and her dress were the basis for the discipline of the nuns you see today.

    Many nuns fail to live up to the ever-abounding gaiety displayed by this indelible sister of Christ. Even today, although she never entered the pageant herself, none of the pageant's victors ever attained the eloquence and virtuosity shown by this woman of God.

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