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    Trying to keep this succinct...if I explained as much as I wanted to, I'd be here forever. :laugh:


    I'll introduce myself by saying I'm...what shall I call myself? You can call me Delanie, if you like. (I already use the name "Delanie Aubusson" as a username in another forum, so why not?) I'm seventh generation American on both sides--my father's is completely German and I'm Irish, English and Scots on my mother's. (Supposedly, there's Dutch on my mother's side, too, but I have yet to find it.)

    I was born Catholic, have been some sort of Pagan since the age of eleven (I'll be twenty-nine in January) and am now thinking of going back to Christianity, the reasons for which I'll explain later. (Should I go that way, that is.) Although I could go with any of the denominations (and certainly would explore, were it not for the unspoken reasons), I chose Anglican because it's like Catholicism, only...with velcro. :D (A play on the term "straightlaced".) (Oh and even though I realize it's called "Episcopalianism" in this country, "Anglican" sounds prettier and is less of a mouthful!)


    Do feel free to stuff my mind with facts and interesting tidbits...I'm an eternal scholar and will eat it all up.

    Here's a starter: the Archbishop of Canterbury's birthday is the day before mine. (But I'm thirty years and one day younger. :) )
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    A most warm welcome to you, Delanie! Very, very pleased to have you here. I was a rabbid atheist for most of my life (mid-30s), but have always considered myself a seeker of truth. I am always happy to see the fire of curiosity in others!

    As a point of introduction to the Anglican faith, I most earnestly encourage you to read Bishop Jewel's Apology for the Church of England, which you will find at the top of the main site here:

    If you're really ambitious, go through the catechism, and plow through all of the rest of those texts linked there. You'll see that they are beautifully reproduced in classic typeset font, with a floating table of contents. Even sketches are digitally reproduced!

    Welcome again--I pray we can satisfy your exploration of our wonderful, rich faith!
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    Welcome Irish Heart!
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