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    Forums update 1.4.

    The forums have been updated to v1.4, which brings with it a bevy of improvements.

    1. Improved Reply system

    The Reply system has received an appreciable advancement in usability. You no longer have to Quote the entire post in order to reply to something within it.


    Simply by highlighting the text you wish to reply to, the new Reply button will pop up letting you to directly quote and reply to the excerpt you wish.

    2. New Profile Post Features

    User profile posts are getting a much needed boost. Heretofore mostly seen in the member profiles they now have a greater visibility by showing up directly on the home page.


    You will have the ability to directly comment on the profile posts of others.


    3. Latest Posts

    The list of Latest Replies on the home page is removed. It is replaced by new Profile Posts for which see the above pt #2. Rescinded.

    The most robust way to discover latest posts was always the New Posts button in the top menu.


    Familiar members will notice something new: Profile Posts now come up in this search as well. This allows you to discover all new profile posts that had been written.

    4. Online Status & Privacy

    Member avatars now have a green indicator if the user is currently online.
    Furthermore, it is possible to toggle the others ability to see what you are currently viewing.


    5. Improvements to Polls


    Polls can now have as many options as desired. Voters can now change their vote if the poll allows. Results can be made visible only to those who've already voted, which should help prevent "groupthink."

    6. Moderator improvements

    Moderators have received a host of improvements in this update, being able to
    • alert users when moving or merging their posts
    • easily clean up spammed likes
    • moderate whole forums or particular threads

    7. Automated Email Bouncing

    This forum may send out automated emails for user notifications, thread replies and even birthdays. Invalid user emails can serve to create interruptions and prevent the user from receiving the correct information. We can now automatically catch bounced emails and handle the situation accordingly.


    8. Anti-Spam Improvements

    Although we aren't as often spammed as some of the other forums it pays to be prepared. If needed we can roll out several types of anti-spam including various levels of text recognition.

    ss-2014-07-23_14-19-12.png ss-2014-07-23_14-19-29.png

    As well as puzzle-solving CAPTCHA that is meant to be easy for a human but difficult to a bot:

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