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Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Anna Scott, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. Anna Scott

    Anna Scott Well-Known Member

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    We are still in serious need of forum rules.

    1. Discuss/debate issues in charity without personal attacks, name calling, mocking, false accusations, or harassment.
    2. Use the same charity rules when engaged in private conversations.
    3. Posts must be on topic for any given thread. Start a new thread, if you wish to discuss another topic.
    4. Non-Anglicans should be respectful of the Anglican Faith in participating in discussions.
    5. Do not use Anglican Forums as a tool to proselytize Anglicans.
    6. Do not use derogatory terms such as Fundies, Papists, Prods, Holy-Rollers, etc.
    7. Posted disagreement with beliefs and doctrines of Christian faiths outside Anglicanism should be free of insults, name calling, mocking, and derogatory terms.
    8. Posts should be free of content that can be construed as any form of commercial solicitation or endorsement.
    9. Do not post private information received in private conversations or e-mails, such as personally identifiable information, personal addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or any other information shared in confidence.
    10. Do not use the forum to promote a single-minded agenda.
    11. Do not post News stories without a link to identify the source.
    12. Do not violate copyright laws in quoting information.
    13. Decisions of the Moderators should not be discussed on the board, but through private communication with Moderators.
    14. Members who continually violate Charity Rules should be banned.
    Note to Forum Administrator: These are a combination of Charity Rules found on the two other forums in which I participate: Christian Forums and Catholic Answers Forum.
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  2. Toma

    Toma Well-Known Member Anglican

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    Anna, I personally agree with all of these except #5 & #10.

    #5 isn't so important, since this is a specifically "Anglican" forum; but still, truth should be allowed to reign, not "Anglicanism". I guess that's just my more low-church attitude coming out, anyway. :p

    #10 is much more important to me, because of how vague it is. On the basis of #10 this forum shouldn't even exist, because we are all single-minded and of one heart in promoting Anglicanism. We are single-minded in believing in one God, in God-Christ incarnate, in the crucifixion, the redemption, the resurrection, and the life of faith and love. Using its own logic, this rule can't work. We aren't imperial CAF, which bans everyone that has a slight disagreement with Catholicism, censured by the moderators as "proselytizing" or "disrespecting Catholicism". Whatever is true holds up to all scrutiny! :)
  3. Scottish Knight

    Scottish Knight Well-Known Member

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    Freeeedommm! :p

    I agree number 10 is a bit vague but the others sound sensible :)

    A lot of these rules are already being enforced so really we already have an unwritten constitution here

    Personally I like the fact it's unwritten and using common sense. I don't see a need to codify things just yet
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  4. Sean611

    Sean611 Well-Known Member

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    Anglican Catholic
    While I sympathize with you on the points of being able to post freely and without much moderation, I must ask that we do better with using common sense. I had a thread asking Episcopalians about how their parishes were doing after GC77 and it turned into a "Schori and Cohorts are liberal Catholics and liberal Anglo-Catholics are responsible for the Communions problems." How can anybody possibly go from how is you parish doing to the theology of liberal Catholics and Bishop Jefferts Schori? If that is not derailing a thread on purpose and using it to air out personal agendas, then what is? Common sense is fine, but it doesn't work well when common sense is not respected or is lacking.
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  5. Admin

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    Thanks for your contributions to this thread. A Terms and Conditions is already being worked on.
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