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    Some of you may remember my real-life friend "Religious Fanatic" who was a poster on these forums before he got removed due to some mental health issues. He spoke a lot about the harm done to him from an alleged encounter with the local Catholic bishops, and some people on an internet forum years ago. However, he has been investigating to determine whether this was real or false memories. He's had experiences in the past where relatives were with him during situations deemed traumatic but none of them remembered it. Also, it seems that these visions, like the Newman encounter, are spirits relating factual information he didn't know but using the likeness of real people who may not be involved or know anything about this, sort of like a doppelganger, but I can't find any real information concerning this kind of phenomenon on the internet, other than that we just assume it is demonic harassment. The encounter with the bishops may not have ever happened. He asked several Catholic friends and most suggested there were fishy things about the events and the behavior of the people (same for the Newman thing). He also contacted a local priest who he believed he had spoken to after that event who denied ever knowing anything related to it or meeting him. There was also an emerging memory involving making death threats on the phone to the diocese after this happened that is probably also false, but it added more worry to his life. He said there was an Orthodox priest he met in the past that fought with him, and who looked like one he saw on the website for a local parish, but who he contacted and was very kind, and said he had never been to the place he had mentioned, or would do the things described during their encounter. So it is possible that demons used the likeness and facts about the local clergy to create false memories. We are trying to get in touch with the local bishop to help us put this to rest but he is concerned because he feels it might end up being true, and that the bishop will either hurt him again, or if things turn out right, tell him it is all a hoax. The problem is that it's very hard to get in touch this time around with anybody. He also says he has met up again with some people from the forum he went to that upset him, and they have undergone some spiritual renewal and reconciled with him, and have been an encouragement to him. He is trying to experience healing and reconciliation to move on from this chapter in his life, and needs your prayers. He also wanted to apologize to Liturgyworks for putting him down. I'll keep you in touch with what's going on with us.
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    Orthodox Christian
    He will be in my prayers.
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    Will pray for him