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    I go to an Anglo-Catholic service and have been wondering about the meaning behind all the symbolism. The BCP describes what is being said but what is the book that describes what is being done. As an example at the beginning of the service the processional cross enters, flanked by two candles. The cross represents Jesus and the two candles represent Jesus as fully man and fully god. Now this is what I have gleaned of the internet so I don't know if this is correct or just someone else's misinformed opinion. So is there an official book that describes the what is being done, why it is being done and the meaning behind it.
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    No, there is no official book that describes what you see and which are correctly called ceremonies.

    You could do one of two things. Ask you priest if he can recommend a source.

    Another is to search the internet for leaflets written by churches. There was one which produced a series of leaflets to explain the various aspects of ceremonial, what it represented and how often its carried over from Judaism. As I'm typing I'm desperately trying to get my brain to remember. Unfortunately, I can't. No doubt I'll wake up with a jolt at 2 am and remember.:confused:

    I'm sure I even had hard copies of the leaflets but I don't remember where I've put them.