Connection between the hated 1979 Prayer Book, and the infamous gay consecration of Gene Robinson

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    It was interesting to find a claim that there is a connection between the Consecration of Gene Robinson and the use of the 1979 BCP. I'm not sure what I think of this claim, but I find it worth reading and worth considering.

    Prayer Book Society: The Connection between the Consecration of Gene Robinson & the Use of the 1979 Prayer Book in the Episcopal Church

    "Therefore the constant use of the pirated name of the 1979 Prayer Book and its commitment to the innovative, enlightened view of moral agency and human freedom made a major contribution week by week and year by year to setting the context wherein the Episcopal Church, which created the 1979 Book, went on to consecrate Gene Robinson. Of this man, Dr Turner writes: "Here is a unique individual, who is a self with a particular history, and a person who has a right to express his preferences and put his talents to work in the world he inhabits. To deny him that right on the basis of sexual preference is to deny him his personal identity." Of course, the ECUSA did not deny that right and Robinson is very comfortable with the 1979 Book."

    What are your thoughts?
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