Conflict over interfaith communion

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    I want to know what you have to say regarding one's conscience burdening them over the subject of interfaith communion. I have particularly strong feelings about Roman Catholicism based on past experience with their 'evangelists', among other, somewhat obvious disagreements. So strong, in fact, that even the sight of some Roman Catholic literature in my house (such as bible translations) fills me with immense guilt and concern in harboring any sentiment or approval of it. At the same time, if I look at the Geneva bible or any kind of Calvinist-Reformed material lying about, I also feel a similar disdain and fear as I share a like-minded degree of resentment towards that theology. I am not comfortable or too open about certain kinds of practices or theological views. Some say our consciences can be mistaken, so I am not sure if I am doing the right thing or not, or being overly concerned. There are many things in Christendom that prevent me from having guilt-free, open communion with certain denominations and such. Am I being prudish here and in the wrong for following these convictions?
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