Commentary Bishop Curry's sermon at the English Royal Wedding, by Fr. Andrew Gross

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    I saw his post on Facebook and wanted to share it with all of you here. It is quite powerful.

    To my evangelical friends who were excited about Michael Curry's sermon at the royal wedding, let me share a personal word of caution. You may not know much about him, but the man chosen to preach on marriage, has been enthusiastic about redefining it.

    The guy who talked about "love" from that English pulpit is currently litigating Christians with whom he disagrees.

    The guy who talks about the "Jesus movement" took the church buildings and defrocked those who stood up for the Gospel.

    I wouldn't expect you to know all this. You saw a charismatic delivery in an English cathedral and you thought it was cool; a sign of progress and multi-culturalism in a global age.

    You were being played.

    Without knowing it, you were a pawn in Anglican Communion politics. Poor Harry and Meghan didn't know either. It was their pastor's idea, and they trusted his judgement. We live in an age in desperate need of godly shepherds. Canterbury's hired hands have instead made it their task to normalize false teaching in the global church. The royal wedding was a golden opportunity for them, and your excitement about the preacher achieved their intended affect.

    The content of the sermon itself I'll leave to others. When words are separated from shared definitions the resulting debate is of limited value. You can argue that the sermon was good or that it was bad. That's fine, but it misses the point completely. Even Arius didn't deny the divinity of Christ in every sermon.

    The reaction to a false teacher being given the platform at the royal wedding was a spiritual temperature gauge. The results show that alot of the western church is running a dangerous fever.

    Western cultural elites are seeking to completely redefine marriage, gender, and faith. Those spearheading these innovations are not yet so secular that they can do without their own prophets. They are glad to have found Michael Curry. He is, after all, quite charismatic.

    I know you didn't know. I wouldn't have expected you to understand the ins and outs of the Anglican Communion. But now you do.

    Feel free to share this with your friends and pastor.

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