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    This has been a subject of ongoing concern for me for quite time. I mean, I grew up listening to CCM, seeing bad dramas and movies on Protestant TV like TBN (and the dreadful SkyAngel Christian cable service), and listening to sermons by teachers that were more or less orthodox.

    Being a creative type who values the arts, there has been a serious problem of the thirst for individualism leading into a tendency for rebellion and eventually towards heresy or heterodoxy. The ratio of Christian rock musicians who have fallen away into heresy or liberal theology is significantly higher than those whose work was consecrated entirely to evangelism and the church. In my youth, and even now, there is this ongoing debate as to how explicitly religious some song lyrics have to be (i.e., mentioning Jesus, etc.) to be considered spiritual or 'Christian'. However, it is quite obvious that with the more youth-centered Christian rock bands, the claim that 'God will still use them in some way to inspire people', even if they are laced with profanity and virtually no mention of even the generic word 'God', that it is a coverup for a fear of professing a more clear position of faith on Christianity. Rock has, since its inception, garnered a ton of criticism for encouraging rebellion and other problems, and although it may indeed be too general for the Christian community to dismiss all rock as evil or without value, still it is in many respects deserving of the criticism and aversion given to it by conservative Christians. Our very own Father Mark informed us that he had met Dave from the rock group Kansas, who, despite being an ordained Anglican priest, was barely orthodox. U2 has slid into acceptance and overt promotion of gay marriage, abortion, and universalism. Most of the bands marketed in CCM, especially the 'hipster', youth-oriented ones are terribly shallow if they even have any religious substance at all, but more often the ones who were cowardly about their faith from the beginning are the ones who apostasized. I have met some of those rock bands at concerts after their shows, and aside from a scant few who meet the criteria for bold evangelism, you would be giving your money to charlatans to support most of these groups. The gruesome scandal with As I Lay Dying's vocalists attempting to kill his wife, becoming atheist, faking Christianity while in tour, etc. is an example of this. People promoting liberal heretic theology like Derek Webb, claimed to have been exposing hypocrites but later turned out to be an adulterer himself. I do not even trust Sufjan Stevens who is touted as some genius of Christian music because there are so many red flags that he is not even an orthodox believer that the holy spirit sent a strong conviction towards me to ignore him and stay way as much as possible.

    I have considered becoming involved in music myself. However, I am at that point where my music may not be explicitly evangelical in nature, despite not going outside the borders of Christian morality. Yet, the life of a Christian musician, or even an actor, is so filled with temptation and creature comforts that it seems easy to be cast aside and end up leaving the faith. Most of the openly Christian entertainers in Hollywood and music do not state their views on the most divisive and soul-cutting issues such as Abortion or Homosexuality at all, or take compromising positions. People like Kirk Cameron and others who have were branded uncool and axed entirely from most places. To love the mainstream entertainment industry and life so much is likely to spoil you with this comfort so you will find it hard to leave it. That's something that worries me. I do not know the best way to use my creative talents for the Lord, but I do not want my life to end up on the wayside as has been the case with these 'artists'. I have more to say about it, but that's it for now. Let me know what you think or have to share.

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