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    I do prefer the Book of Common Prayer service believing it clearly expresses our sinfulness, our need for Christ and justification by faith alone, however, I haven't been bothered by the Book of Alternative Services so far. It's confusing when you are jumping from the BAS to the bulletin, to the BAS, to inserts, but that's more of an issue of the leadership making it confusing on the laity.

    What are some of the issues with the BAS?

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    I know there are some issues with certain Eucharistic prayers - the Low and High. Some parishes in the Anglican Network continue to use the BAS, however, so it can't be that controversial.

    It is very similar in form to the modern Roman Rite, which pleased many Anglo-Catholics, but the five or six Eucharistic prayers included often caused controversy. Many Anglicans did not like the BAS because of the lack of continuity with the BCP. I know one thing is that many were upset with the BAS replacing the BCP as the main service for Sunday, and while the official Anglican Church claims the BCP to still be the main and official liturgy authorized for use, even at synod and other events, the BAS is consistently used.

    At least the Church of England called their new prayerbook "Common Worship", so priest and layman didn't feel as though every liturgy was something temporary and a mere trial.
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