Apathy in the Christian World

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    I noticed that with a lot of Christian culture in the west, there's a tendency to tell people not to denounce 'lesser' sins (i.e., gay marriage) because 'we have more important things to deal with' such as poverty, etc.

    It's very focused on the humanist social gospel. Yet, here's the thing. We often complain about conquering the larger problems while remaining unable to conquer the simpler, more 'trivial' ones. Smaller sins eventually pile up into bigger things, and thus cannot be dismissed. "Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves", so the proverb goes.

    This kind of thinking comes from self-professed hipsters who act like teenagers or wear fedoras to try and appeal to the youth culture, even while they're in their 30s or 40s. I am sick of these types infesting Christian culture in the west. It seems the Asians and Africans are much holier these days, although they have struggle with wolves among their own sheep, as well, which was true in the beginning of the church, too.

    In Orthodoxy, there's a concept of prelest which is a delusional understanding of the extent to which you are righteous or able to do righteous things. "Premature desire for impossible virtues", taking on tremendous tasks to try and honor God which you are not ready for, as you have not crawled up the sanctification (or 'theosis') ladder by first gradually tending to the small tasks which eventually leads you to the greater tasks as a result. It's a serious problem, and I myself often overlook my own 'lesser' sins in this same manner, thinking they have no relation to the 'bigger' ones. Thinking about it, this makes perfect sense. What do you think?