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    Hola amigos!

    I created this thread so that we can discuss all things exorcism related.

    A few questions specifically:

    How do Anglican exorcisms work?

    Does TEC have exorcists?

    How many exorcists are in every diocese (estimate/what do you think)

    Is there a ordination for exorcists?

    Can any priest do an exorcism?

    Hope to see some replies on this thread :)
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    In the early church, specific people were ordained for the role of exorcist. This carried over into the undivided Church and eventually the Roman and Eastern Churches until recently. However, they did not engage in exorcism since perhaps the age of Constantine? I'm not sure about the date on that bit, but it has been a great time since ordained exorcists actually performed exorcisms.

    Theoretically, any priest can do an exorcism. Canon law forbids any old priest from doing it without the permission of their Bishop, who usually has some kind of policy to ensure that it isn't some other issue at hand (mental illness, et cetera). A good example of a minor exorcism done on a regular basis is the Exorcism of the Water in the rite for Holy Baptism.
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    I know that, in the Anglican Church of Canada and the Church of England, each diocese has an exorcist appointed and a liturgy devised to handle anyone requesting an exorcism. Usually, after an examination of mental health and other factors in a person's life, a priest or minister will visit the individual and follow the liturgy and then immediately after finishing, continue on to say Mass/Holy Communion.

    The bishops of the ACNA have yet to publish any official rite of exorcism, however, I am aware of a movement to get the ball rolling regarding exorcism and deliverance. I would presume that if needed, a priest in the church would use an already published rite with the cooperation of their bishop.

    Also, in the BCP you find this prayer from the order of Compline: Visit, we beseech Thee, O Lord, this place, and drive from it all the snares of the enemy; let Thy holy angels dwell herein to preserve us in peace; and may thy blessing be upon us evermore; through Christ our Lord. Amen. (or a variation, since I quote from memory)
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    I want to know something:

    The media is obsessed with Roman Catholic exorcists, even though I've been told by ex-Roman converts to Anglicanism that the Church of England currently has more exorcists than the RCC at the moment.

    My real concern, however, is that I've had Catholic exclusivists argue with me in the past that Roman Catholic exorcisms are the only true exorcisms and Protestant ones are a fraud, because allegedly you see more elaborate, extreme, radical demonic manifestations (such as in the movie The Exorcist) in Roman Catholic exorcisms but never Protestant ones, which are described as uneventful and relatively 'mundane' in comparison. They use this as evidence to say that Protestant exorcisms are frauds from the devil and that Roman exorcisms harbor the real power. Thing is, it may also be that the media is again playing off the Exorcist hype, that 1) the manifestation being battled must be astounding, and 2) it must be Roman Catholic, because apparently they're the only ones who do exorcisms (I even had some ignorantly ask, "Do protestants even do exorcisms at all?"). They might be ignoring the fact that some Roman exorcisms are relatively mundane and similar to Protestant ones much of the times, sans the rituals used, and that there are in fact some astounding stories of spiritual warfare from Protestants. For example, I heard from an evangelical missionary in India, that there was a situation where a young girl was possessed and had a demon in her who claimed to be an ancient Hindu spirit. This spirit took her life and she died clinically on the table where she was held. But some missionaries had a premonition that she would be saved, then confronted the spirit to let go of her, battled her in the name of Christ, and eventually she was set free, and came back to life before the doctor's eyes. I also heard a story from a church in Africa that had someone bewitched in the form of a bird due to witchcraft who fell through the ceiling and returned to human form during a worship service, and was delivered from a curse. Easy to dismiss because these foreign countries are written off as ignorant (remember the New testament period was much like it is in those places).

    My main point is, should we doubt the claims that Roman Catholics get the more interesting exorcisms because they battle TRUE evil, or as I said, is it a common misrepresentation because of several factors? Therefore, could we say most exorcisms, regardless of denomination, are more often 'mundane' than not and Romans do not have any more evidence to prove their exorcisms are more valid than ours?
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    I feel like you are trusting too many stories and old wives tales... Demonic possession is far less common than people, especially unstable charismatic/pentecostal types would like to let on... Many of those stories are made up!

    Then add on top of it the denominations competing with each other about 'who's a more real Christian' so you have these pissing contests or people imagining and making up demonic situations, one worse than the other, to compete and present a facade...

    I struggle to see what any of that has to do with genuine piety!
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    Just that those that feign piety to impress other human beings cannot fool or impress Satan or his minions. Acts 19:13-16.

    Genuine piety is required when dealing with 'the darker side of things'. I have met and conversed at length, with a Diocesan Exorcist over a training weekend on retreat and I can assure you that if there is any unconfessed sin in your life, it is extremely unwise to assume you can merely use the Name of Christ to effect, (with impunity from attack by His enemies and ours).

    As for 'effectiveness competitions', the person I was in conversation with did not want the job, nor did he advise anyone to actively seek the position out of either curiosity or a desire for recognition by others. Both attitudes are dangerous delusions and likely to quickly get oneself out of one's depth in matters beyond one's ability to control.

    The Church of England has strict procedures for such matters, which are extremely unwise for individuals to circumvent.

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