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    ACNA College of Bishops Sentences Bishop Ron Jackson

    Press Release
    June 3, 2020

    Earlier this year, the Board of Inquiry, a panel required by the Anglican Church in North America's Constitution and Canons, found cause for ecclesiastical charges to be brought against The Right Reverend Ron Jackson. These charges were brought forward after private, earlier efforts by the Archbishop and fellow bishops to facilitate restoration proved unfruitful.

    On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Bishop Jackson admitted to the use of pornography over many years and pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual immorality (Canon IV.2(6)) and conduct giving just cause for scandal or offense (Canon IV.2(4)).

    According to Canon IV.8(2) it is the responsibility of the College of Bishops to impose a sentence when a bishop is guilty of an ecclesiastical charge. Meeting on June 2, 2020, the College voted to impose the sentence of deposition from the sacred ministry on Bishop Jackson.
    His holy orders have been removed, and he is no longer permitted to engage in ordained ministry in the Anglican Church in North America.

    In making this decision, the College of Bishops grieved the victimization of those caught up in the pornography industry and lamented the impact that moral failure in leadership has upon the whole Church and its witness. They also expressed their love and concern for Ron and Patty Jackson and their whole family, and assured them of the College's unqualified desire to see Ron continue in the process of repentance and healing.

    Please continue to pray for all those involved in or affected by this situation.

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    Nice to see a church with a backbone
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    Anglican (ACNA)
    Wow its about time some rules have been said down by the prelates... Despite the sad news, still, thanks be to God

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