Accusations of demons by Orthodox

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    Like many here, my encounters with the Orthodox have been of the sort where they are rather cloistered, cranky old men who want nothing to do with the outside world, and act in a very melodramatic fashion like someone from a BBC drama. I once was in a Salvation Army and remember joking with an Orthodox about baptism, drawing a triangle (it was supposed to be the trinity or sign of the cross, I got the two mixed since I didn't know much about what that sign really meant) and pronounced a fake baptism. The old priest turned and looked at me horrified, and said in a creepy old voice, "What?! You don't have authority to baptize! Bah! Get away from me Satan!"

    Then I went to another priest nearby and before I even talked to him, he gasped like he was going to have a heart attack and with these wide eyes told me to shoo because I had a demon in me. I also talked to another priest who was very quiet and asked him, "Do you think I have a demon in me?" and he seemed puzzled, and didn't know why someone would think that. Then one of the other priests walked over to him and said he shouldn't talk to me because I have a demon in me, and when he tried to say what kind, it was some Orthodox/Catholic jargon I couldn't understand. Then the quiet priest who I was talking to gasped and said, "Now I see!" and they ran away scared. I have no idea what to make of this. Do I have a demon in me or were they just buffeted by superstition? They seemed very out of touch. I don't believe in Orthodoxy or Roman Catholicism. I have been accused of having a demon in me by various people because of my unusual personality and mental health issues I've had throughout my lifetime.
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    I suggest that if you are looking for a diagnosis, this is not the forum in which to get answers to your question. You would be well advised to seek help from a respectable and qualified person. Every Anglican diocese has an official exorcist who would assess, advise and minister along with others of a team on your particular case. You would need to approach your parish priest first and explain the nature of your inquiry. He/She should then contact the relevant diocesan ministry and make arrangements for you to have a consultation with the relevant ministers. It may be that your problems are entirely medical and psychological but it would do no harm to also get professional advice on the possible spiritual aspects of your condition.
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    That does seem to be a very strange response, although in my limited experience Orthodox clergy can sometimes be a little on the eccentric side (salt of the earth to be sure, but... eccentric).

    If you are concerned then as Tiffy said every Anglican diocese is supposed to have an exorcist available, but I should note that I believe they are generally called "Deliverance Ministry," knowing that may help you to more easily locate such services.

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