Tips on Usage and Privacy

Usage Guide, and Privacy

Tips on site usability and privacy.

General Usage Tips

  1. Strive to format your posts clearly and use the BBcodes correctly. Badly formatted posts can be difficult to understand. Feel free to ask for help in the Technical Support section.

  2. When starting a thread, avoid non-specific titles such as "See This." or "What Do You Think?"

  3. Before you start a new discussion:
    • Check existing threads to avoid duplicates. Use the Search function if need be.
    • Adhere to the sub-forum's special rules at the top, if present.

  4. Keep your fellow members in mind:
    • Avoid posting jarring subjects or photos, unless a thread asks for it.
    • Remain on topic, and focus each thread on its body of discussion which can be followed later on.

  5. Refrain from personal conflict:
    • If somebody is getting a rise out of you, it is better to not respond in kind and curtail the hostility.
    • If a member creates a hostile environment, report them instead of enduring in private.


  1. Refrain from using your full name as a Username to forestall privacy concerns.

  2. Avoid divulging personal information in the general-purpose areas.

  3. Keep your password secure (12+ characters) and do not use on other sites.

  4. Your privacy is taken very seriously. The password is encrypted with bcrypt() and other security measures, the highest security among Christian communities on the Internet.

  5. Your password isn't accessible to the moderators, and you will never be asked to divulge it.